Be Kind, humans. Be Kind.



On Saturday, I was able to be part of an amazing event in my Electric City, Scranton, Pennsylvania.  It was BeKind Scranton Day, and it was intended to be a day full of positivity and love.  And, that it was, for sure.




There were chalk drawings with inspiring messages.  There were free hugs.  There were sign holders and hangers that had messages of hope on them.  People drove by and honked their horns in support.  There was an electricity, in the Electric City, that I have not felt for sometime.




There is no doubt, that recently it seems, the world seems more frightening than ever before.  So much killing.  So much anger.  So much hatred, violence and judgment.  When we aren’t busy hating people through our actions and our words, we are annihilating them in our minds, with our thoughts.  That is just as destructive.  For me, any opportunity to be with people, as they are, and to offer them a ray of hope, just for a brief moment, is beautiful time spent, indeed.




Since that day, I feel changed, somehow.  I feel more resigned within myself, that no matter what is going on in the world around me, I have to clean up the mess in my own mind, my own heart.  I want to ask myself, more and more each day, am I contributing to the psychic pollution in the world, or cleaning up the mess?  


For years, I believed that I needed to help others to heal, in order to heal the world.  But I keep understanding more deeply each day, that the world won’t heal with my assistance, except by example.  The only person and entity that I can heal is me.  The only person that I need to focus on sharing my true self, my love and light, is myself.  And, when others keep remembering to do the same, in their own way, we will feel a planetary shift.  Or, we won’t.


I know for sure the shift is in me, and I am so grateful for it.  So grateful to be Awake.  



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