I Am the Light of the World.



Hugging other humans, in a deep, present way, is something that feeds me like almost anything I have ever known.  I don’t really know how I began on this journey to connection, in this form.  I mean, certain videos and stories of others giving hugs in public spoke to me, inspired me to try it myself.  But what happened after that is magic happening, and Grace coming in.


I don’t think much about grace on most of my days.  I go about my business, thinking, I got this.  I know what I need to do to enjoy my life; fulfill what it is that I desire; to feel loved and connected.  I got this, Higher Power.  No problem, God, I have it all under control.  Thanks anyway.


And, much of the time, I do.  I am actively engaged in my world; I am making choices and taking responsibility for those choices.  I think that I have it all in hand.  I forget that at any moment, and in multiple moments, I can ask for assistance.  I can turn it over.  Let it go and put it into hands and source that I am part of, but is greater than me at the same time.  That eternal light; that ever present essence of full Being; the Source that we are scared to believe in but is always waiting for me.


When I allow that Grace to flow through me, through my world, that is when miracles happen.  I mean, I can create anything in my life.  I truly believe that to be true.  I can make the plans, follow through, and create the reality that I desire.  But, when I let go of my agenda, and let the Light of Source flow through- when I shine my True Essence in the world, miracles come through.  It is my willingness, through the Light that I am shining, and is part of the Source of Light, that allows the miracle to come through.


In hugging others, I am that Light.  I let Grace come through.  I am present to every moment that happens as I am with it.  I see my Essence.  


I shine.



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